1 Week till move

One week till the big day. I know your pumped. If you have been reading my other blogs, Im sure you will be well prepared. For those who just found this website, check the other blog entries for all the information you need or ring Holt Removals. You can also use the comment section below if you have anything to add, ask or just to say hi.

Arrange for any final bills to be paid.

Have meters read and pay any outstanding amount.
Cancel any services, e.g. window cleaner, milkman, newspaper delivery.
Arrange the exchange of keys. Find some old blankets to put down in new house to protect carpets.

Separate the boxes and luggage required for yourself and your family.
Plan for any special needs of children and pets prior to, during, and after the move, such as medication, food, care, or entertainment.
Create an inventory list for each box while youre packing. Attach it as you pack. Make a copy for every box.
Start cleaning the house.
Collect your spare keys and give them to the real estate agent or new tenant.
Drain and disassemble water-beds for easy transport.
Notify update major service providers of your change of address.
Plan to use any remaining food in your refrigerator.

Writing an inventory is really important. It makes moving in quick because you can clearly see what is in every box without opening it. Move the boxes into the correct rooms then unpack. A cake walk. If you followed my other blog posts, you would of already worked out what room in your new house is going to be what. May as well let Holt Removals do all the heavy lifting right!