2 Weeks till move

Two weeks left until you move. Here are some more things that you should do before you move. These should be done around the two week mark so that you dont get stressed in the last week.

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  • Arrange transit insurance (if necessary) for the move.

  • Inform appropriate people of your Change of Address and Phone Number.

  • Organize for someone to look after any kids and pets on move day.

  • Make plan of new home and decide which rooms will be used for what.

  • Label the boxes with the room number

  • Begin packing items that are rarely used, such as those stored in your basement,Garage or attic.  For unwanted items, consider a charity or a garage sale.

  • Disassemble outdoor items, such as a swing set and cubby house. Place all bolts, brackets and screws in a labeled, sealed container for safe keeping.

  • Disassemble all prefabricated furniture  such as a computer desk or sewing machine desk  for transport.

  • For unwanted items, consider a charity or a garage sale.

Dont overlook the details! Working out what is going in each room will speed up your move in! Its also a great idea to use this time of packing to decide what you want and use, and what you dont. Prefabricated furniture, such as outdoor chairs and tables can be disassembled, saving truck space. Most people are broke after purchasing a new  house, so a garage sale can be a great way of getting rid of unwanted items and getting a little more cash for that house warming party :D